Duration: 6 Months ( 1 semester)
Eligibility: Class X

Module 1 (Basics)Basics of mobile communication and electronics.Study of Digital Electronics.Assembling & disassembling of different types of mobile phones.Use of various tools & instruments used in mobile phone repairing.Details of various components used in mobile phones.Study of basic parts of mobile phones (mic, speaker, vibrator, LCD, antenna, etc).Testing of various parts with multimeter.Use of jhatka machine(DC Supply).

Module 2 (Hardware)

Basic Circuit Board / Motherboard Introduction.Names of different BGA ICs.Work of different BGA and Glass ICs.How to recognise different ICs.Soldering & desoldering components using soldering iron.Soldering & desoldering components using rework station.Working on SMD / BGA ICs and the PCB.

Module 3 (Software)

Introduction of various software faults.Introduction of different flasher boxes.Flashing of various brands of handsets.Formatting of virus affected handsets.Unlocking of handsets through codes and software.Use of secret codes.Downloading.

Module 4 (Troubleshooting And Advance Troubleshooting)

Fault finding & troubleshooting.Steps of repairing hardware and software problems.Circuit tracing, jumpering techniques and solutions.Troubleshooting through schematic diagrams.Repairing procedure for fixing other new hardware faults.Advanced troubleshooting techniques.

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